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Awesome news!!!

2010-04-13 03:01:44 by LiamTaylor

Hey NG awesome news!

Now that i actually know how to write a script, i'm reviving an old project of mine!

It's going to take a while, since it features 3D content, but man oh man, do i have Big Plans for this series.

I'm not sure wether i want to re-do the same story, but i think i'll kepp the same characters and their voice talent. (feat. Kira Buckland, a.k.a Rina-Chan)

I want to try and get some NG regulars to do cameos too.

since i don't have alot of free time at the moment, i won't be able to get alot of work done, due to my degree taking priority, but if all goes well, i'm hoping for a july release. i get like a month break in july. i'll try to release it on my birthday lol.

Will upload pictures when i get the chance, but for now, i'm modelling a 3D town.

Sydney Parkour Woo Hoo!

Luis' New Avatar???

2010-01-19 23:32:48 by LiamTaylor

Well, seeming as I missed out on the 'make Luis an avatar until mindchamber makes one for him later on' competition, i thought i'd post mine here anyway, just incase Luis sees it and wants to use it.

anyway newgrounds goers, is there a likeness?? let me know.


Luis' New Avatar???

Sorry RubberNinja... :(

2009-08-18 07:31:57 by LiamTaylor

Yeah, so when Ross uploaded his latest artwork, a sketch of himself and Faye Mata (princess aurora), i instantly made it into a cock joke.


and im sorry.

go check it out

Liam Taylor

Sorry RubberNinja... :(

Sydney Supanova Wrap-Up + Chris Sabat! >9000!!!

2009-06-27 17:20:47 by LiamTaylor

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OK. For those who dont know what supanova is, I'd say it's the Australian equivalent to comicon!!! And it was epic. Apart from meeting several famous celebrities such as Karl Urban (Eomer from LOTR and McCoy from Star Trek), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria from Twilight) and Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker from episode 1), i got to meet some fairly famous artists like Tim Sale (guy who does all the comic book art on Heores) and Dave Gibbons(the original artist for 'WATCHMEN'). But that was nothing compared to metting the man himself, Chris Sabat! (for those who dont know who he is, or if you're a douche-bag who doesnt care, Chris does the voices for Vegeta, Piccollo and Yamcha on DBZ, and also does the voice for Major Armstong on fullmetal alchemist among other roles). The one thing i couldn't believe was that there were no DBZ things under $40 that werent tiny, or crap, So i ended up going to the EB games store and buying a copy of DBZ Budokai 3 for him to sign. I also ran into some old mates from my old high school, that was great catching up, and we decided that i'll be cosplaying as Ryu from Street Fighter in the next Animania (australia's equivalent to anime-expo). Anyone from sydney, you'll see me at Animania in september, theres plenty of me to go around lol.

To tell the truth there were also the quite disturbing images there, such as the morbidly obese and a hip thrusting green power ranger with a camel toe. I've uploaded the full album on my photobucket page (which il put the link up once the goddamn internet speeds up and finishes uploading the photos!!!), so make sure to drop by and take a look at what was a really awesome convention. ive got the montage video on youtube now, so go check it out.

On a side note, i ran into BAJO, one of the hosts of Australia's "Good Game", a tv show for gamers, by gamers. The funny thing is that Rubber Ninja actuallyy develloped his 'Gamer Tonight' series for that show, and has never met the hosts. that means i have gained my honor back from my humiliating defeat onSF4 during the Sydney NG meetup, and have unlimited bragging power over Ross lol.

Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures, but i used my roommates camera, which is shit, and he didnt delete any old his old stuff on there, which literally gave me about 600Mbs to make this video. I even had to take a photo of me and chris with my phone lol.

anyway, I leave you with a picture of Me and the man, and until next time, Adieu.

on another side note, i have decided to re-write my script for my animation. now that i actually now how to write a script, and my drawing style is much more consistant, im forcing myself to remake dungeons and bandwagons, an unfinished project of mine that never got done due to shithouse timing. All i need is for rina-chan and sonofgokuj to record the new script and everything will be fine :D

Sydney Supanova Wrap-Up + Chris Sabat! >9000!!!

Michael. Jackson. Is. Dead

2009-06-25 18:38:50 by LiamTaylor

michael jackson has died. a minutes silence if you please, or if you want, you can play any song by michael at full volume for the world to hear.

Michael. Jackson. Is. Dead

well, due to the fact that i am a fuckiing imbecile, and forgot to save money for my university course, thats is about 500 bucks for the second semesters books and not to mention all my stuff needs replacing, my printer needs new ink, my tablets playing up, so its likely to be another 500 to buy a new one, and other shit like that.

So.... it looks like that i'll have to go next year... sigh... unless really awesome people like luis or tomfulp give me money for the plane there and back, and some other awesome newgrounders let me sleep on their hotel room floors, or if newgrounds decides to send stuff over to australia and have a stall here one day, then it will be another whole year until i see anyone from NG.

im soo sad. mostly sad about the fact that education costs money. the government should pay people to give up all their time for study. ohwel. our government sucks big fucking cock.

see you guys next year... i hope.

Happy Birthday RubberNinja!!!

2009-06-16 17:03:18 by LiamTaylor

Hey Ross, happy birthday man. would have liked to have made a flash, but im too lazy and busy to be bothere. i have 2 assignments due tomorrow, so all you're getting is a quick sketch.

Have a good one man, all the best. Not going to comicon as planned... so looks like im going to some anime convention in september.

Happy Birthday RubberNinja!!!

due to the uncertainty of wether arin was holding dildos in the original pic, i photoshopped some dicks in it. and i also made arin look like a slut. XD

that pic of egoraptor with the dildos at megacon... well sorta

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just browsing the youtubes and stumbled upon this handsome man.

Updating the old Updates

2009-05-19 20:56:15 by LiamTaylor

well i think i should update, mainly because i havent done anything in a while and because i want to share my wonderful wonderful life with newgrounds.(not really, get fucked newgrounds!!XD!jks)

anyway here is a commemorative picture i made for ross and luis when they came to sydney for the NG meetup.

also, im in the process of developing a new website. its gonna be awesome cos i'm going to start my own production house when im finished my course, and it will mainly be flash animating, storyboarding animatics web design and graphic design. and maybe voice acting too.

i cant leak too much info cause someone might steal ideas, but i am releasing a few toons soon. all of them could be up within a month, so keep your eyes out and get those 5's ready.

in addition i will be releasing my part for the street fighter collab on the 25th. i know that the collab is out now, and that this sf day may be cancelled, but as my part wasn't in it, im putting it up elsewhere, just like stamper suggested. ebaums world here i come lol.

anyway, heres the pic.

Updating the old Updates