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Updating the old Updates

2009-05-19 20:56:15 by LiamTaylor

well i think i should update, mainly because i havent done anything in a while and because i want to share my wonderful wonderful life with newgrounds.(not really, get fucked newgrounds!!XD!jks)

anyway here is a commemorative picture i made for ross and luis when they came to sydney for the NG meetup.

also, im in the process of developing a new website. its gonna be awesome cos i'm going to start my own production house when im finished my course, and it will mainly be flash animating, storyboarding animatics web design and graphic design. and maybe voice acting too.

i cant leak too much info cause someone might steal ideas, but i am releasing a few toons soon. all of them could be up within a month, so keep your eyes out and get those 5's ready.

in addition i will be releasing my part for the street fighter collab on the 25th. i know that the collab is out now, and that this sf day may be cancelled, but as my part wasn't in it, im putting it up elsewhere, just like stamper suggested. ebaums world here i come lol.

anyway, heres the pic.

Updating the old Updates


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2009-05-19 20:57:51

its complete with a mini NG tank and mini castle crasher!


2009-05-20 03:04:50

Looks awesome.

LiamTaylor responds:

i know it still needs work though. i wanna add a bg, but im lazy so a gradient will do for now.


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