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Cant make it to comicon this year. :(

2009-06-20 18:15:36 by LiamTaylor

well, due to the fact that i am a fuckiing imbecile, and forgot to save money for my university course, thats is about 500 bucks for the second semesters books and not to mention all my stuff needs replacing, my printer needs new ink, my tablets playing up, so its likely to be another 500 to buy a new one, and other shit like that.

So.... it looks like that i'll have to go next year... sigh... unless really awesome people like luis or tomfulp give me money for the plane there and back, and some other awesome newgrounders let me sleep on their hotel room floors, or if newgrounds decides to send stuff over to australia and have a stall here one day, then it will be another whole year until i see anyone from NG.

im soo sad. mostly sad about the fact that education costs money. the government should pay people to give up all their time for study. ohwel. our government sucks big fucking cock.

see you guys next year... i hope.


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