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2009-04-18 18:35:35 by LiamTaylor

There's a few things i want to say

Firtsly, I want to thank luis for coming to Australia. I had a real fun time meeting you and i hope we can meet again at another meetup or at comicon sometime. Thanks for the beers, the lulz, and the free lunch and ferry. Hope to do it again sson.

Secondly, To RubberNinja, with whom i beat at Street Fighter 4 and sega rally (Actually i beat everyone at sega rally). It was really fun to meet you and i hope that i can catch you at supanova or comicon one time so i can buy a gamer tonight shirt. can't wait for your game to come out. O FACE!

Thirdly, to Redspades, the man who's allergic to beer. I hope that one day they make non-alcoholic beer so we can share a few. it'll taste like shit but we'll still have a few.

Fourthly to the other guys. i'm reall sorry but i forget names easily. and also usernames. to remember three is legend for me.
but here are the descriptions: purple-shirted-bearded-guy, blackan, pauralotter14, and everyone else who'd said they'd come but didn't.

Aaaaaang lastly to Tom Fulp, whom without his vast wealth this tour would not be possible. I think ross wants to thank him for his $31 lunch + $7.50 beer. Thanks Tom!

well thats about it, unless iv'e forgotten something other than peoples names.

Cheers guys!
I hope we meet again, and for longer next time.

p.s luis, i'm just about finished my sketchbook page, so i'll send it within the week.

Actually fuck that last comment, i ballsed up my design so im doing a new one. god its so fucking confusing.

Ok guys!

With 3 Days left till the Newgrounds Australia Meetup, I wanna see some exitement andso I thought I would post some helpful/ useful information

Remember to check out Luis' and RubberNinja's profile for the general information.


As you might already know, YOU WILL NEED MONEY!!!

I have estimated that you would need at least $50 to 'have fun' on the day.

Entry to Luna Park is free through out April.
You can pay $30 for unlimited rides.

The other $20 dollars is for food and transport if you need it.

The ferry to Luna Park (Return) will cost you $10.40 for an Adult ticket or $5.20 for a Student/Concession ticket.

Don't forget to check out Luis' Official Meetup Website!!!


What do you guys think of my new pic? It's not finished yet, still needs a BG. it's or college. It's awesome YAY!

The Countdown Begins! 2 Days Left!

Yeah Boy! Off to the Australian NG Meetup!

2009-04-07 03:11:27 by LiamTaylor

This will be a day of laughs and fun and win and i can't wait to meet luis and rubberninja, and all the other NG guys.

Any Aussies going or anyone who's getting a temporary mobile while here in aus, i'll give out my mobile number 2 DAYS before the meetup. just tomake sure noone gets lost on the way.

in addition, we are ging to luna park, so you will need $30 for unlimited rides, plus extra for food.

I havent seen any extra details as of yet, but we are either taking a ferry or walking across the sydney harbour bridge to get there.
Its a toss up. either get there faster and see the bridge or take an extra 30mins and walk on it.
if anyone wants anymore information about the meetup go to rubberninja's or luis' profile .

hope to see many NG'ers there on the day!

Don't Dissapoint!


Further more, i have discovered that luna park has a "happy hour" at the icecream shop where you can get a free extra scoop of icecream between 1 and 2pm.

Also, you can get a decent meal for about 9 bucks too.

Anyone with questions about Sydney or where were going, feel free to pm me.


china china china!

2009-04-01 21:03:59 by LiamTaylor

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wong pok noodle.

big wang sukky suckky

me love you for long time.

me so horny.

me sucky sucky long time.

F*** off china, why the hell can't i do shit anymore.

Great april fools day joke guys.

sorry china, we do love your communist country, that why our prime minister loves you for long time.
he sucky sucky. lol

anyway heres a new pic for my profile. still needs a BG

china china china!


2009-01-14 02:38:34 by LiamTaylor

thought id ask people a question

Liam is a special boy who has no friends. lolzorz!

2009-01-13 17:45:54 by LiamTaylor

This is liam's little bro jason, Yeah, if you saw what he wrote on his shape flash, then yeah, i walked in on him having a pull. it was So funny, i doubt he'll check this, anyway he was moaning all this shit about some girl he met and how she's a dirty whore and how she want to take it, and how she likes it lol. anyway, i'm glad i got him to go back to the 'job at hand'.

anyway, Liam's gone to work, and i guessed his password, don't tell any mods or staff, i'll change this back in a few hours, just want to see how many people read this.

God its so funny, my bro has at least 15 un finished flashes here, i know hthat hes working on at least 3 of them, all the others ahave either fallen apart or someopne else has already done something similar to this...

...and whats this?!?! Liam has over 9Gb of Hentai and porn WTF!!!

lets scroll down here for a sec...







2girls1cup lol

OMG this shit is so funny, i always though liam was a sadistic bastard, but this takes it to new heights.

hahaha, Hey everyone should spam his account lol, for a joke.

anyway, write back saying how gay my bro is lol.

it'll be a suprise for him when he gets home.

eww yuck. just found a used condom on the floor. gross.

The Bandwagon

2009-01-13 04:11:46 by LiamTaylor

Well bend me over and call me a bitch, I did it. I finally submitted a flash that was actually finished and actually submited. Its been a long time coming.

so sit back and bask in my relected glory (which was originally frelected from the guys who made the first shape movies, so i guess my reflection is dimming somewhat)

watch it here

Falco Motherfucker!

2008-12-08 19:15:11 by LiamTaylor

i got the part of falco for a SSBB Machinima series called Anarchy.

IM Totally AWESOME!!!!

Falco Motherfucker!

Moving House

2008-09-27 23:40:19 by LiamTaylor

Hey NG peoples, im moving house, and my pc wont be in use for about a week.


Liam Taylor

Moving House

2008-09-17 01:39:16 by LiamTaylor

Hey guys, just letting anyone whos interested that the production for dungeons and bandwagons will be postponed as i am moving house and will be packing up my computer in about a week.
So, i won't be able to do any flash or voice work for a few weeks.